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Party Packages and Room Rentals

Daily or Weekly Super Camps



  • Open daily from 10am to 8pm with special hours on Friday nights (6-9pm for Blaster Wars) and Saturday nights until 9pm.
  • Booking online is encouraged to avoid frustration, if Big Fun is at capacity! This is VERY IMPORTANT on Weekends, PD Days, Statutory/School holidays, and Friday night Blaster Wars. Booked guests are guaranteed admission BUT walk-ins may be restricted, if at capacity.
  • NO CASH on-site. Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, and Android Pay are accepted, and gift cards can be purchased online or in-store. Gift cards do not expire.
  • Outside food or drinks are NOT permitted. Reusable water bottles are encouraged, and baby food is permitted.
  • Licensed restaurant on-site with tons of healthy and fun, allergen-friendly foods. Explore the full menu on the restaurant page. Make sure to check out the Weekday Dine-In Deals!
  • Please be respectful of reserved parking stalls, specifically during PD Days, and School Holiday Days, while our building neighbors are open.
  • Party activities, including gifts, cake (no ice cream cake), candles, balloons, etc. are ONLY permitted with a party package or room rental.
  • Big Fun Frog Socks required for all guests participating on the attractions. Grip socks with rubber heel grips NOT PERMITTED!
  • A release and indemnity agreement (waiver) required for all guests. All guests +18 years old must be on their own waiver. Children (under 18 years old) must be included on a parent or legal guardian waiver.
  • Up to 2 free admissions (adults or babies under 2) are included with each paid child admission.
  • Adults without children in attendance will each be charged general admission to enjoy the attractions.
  • Free restaurant-only access for adults, if not at capacity.
  • Complimentary locker provided. Please securely store all valuable, inappropriate, and attraction-damaging items.
  • Adult supervision required for all guests under 13 years old. No drop-offs permitted under 13 years old UNLESS Pre-Booked for a Special Drop-Off Program or Super Camp.
  • Weekday pricing from Monday to Thursday (EXCLUDING Statutory/School Holidays and PD Days). Weekend pricing from Friday to Sunday (INCLUDING Statutory/School Holidays and PD Days. PD Days and School Holidays are based on CBE, CCS, and RVS traditional calendars.
  • All posted facility and equipment rules must be followed.
  • Team and group event pricing available for 50+ attendees (minimum of 25 paid admissions). Email for options.
  • 3-hour private facility rentals available for groups with 200-400 attendees. Email for options.
  • Big Fun reserves the right to limit your visit to 2 hours, if necessary, due to capacity limitations.
  • Admission re-entry is not permitted.