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Big Fun provides an absolutely unique experience that surprisingly involves all members of the family in the fun! Our 30,000 sq. ft. of active and engaging inflatable fun and the fact that our facility is also a restaurant means that your time with us will be very different from other indoor recreational facilities! To ensure that you enjoy sharing the day with us to the fullest, we’ve prepared the below list of policies so that you can prepare properly. Every policy and decision that Big Fun makes is meant to reinforce our primary objectives… providing SAFE, SECURE, CLEAN, FRIENDLY, AFFORDABLE and FUN experiences for our guests and staff!

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We accept Debit, Credit (Visa and Mastercard), Apple Pay and other electronic payment options… you can even use your watch! Crazy… we know! Just not cash or cheques. If required, we also have Big Fun gift cards available both in-store and online for any denomination over $25. By not keeping cash on site, it allows us to reduce the risk of theft and robberies, keeping your family safe and more secure.

Parking is a common challenge at many businesses. Big Fun is no different. There are other businesses in our building and they also have parking requirements for their staff and customers. Thankfully, most of the neighbouring businesses have typical business hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm) and traditionally require the reserved parking stalls during those times. Weekends and evening parking is a little more flexible and we typically don’t have concerns from our neighbours if our guests use those stalls outside of those business hours, but please be aware that they are still reserved. The biggest challenge we face is during school holiday days/weeks in which guests are enjoying Big Fun during our neighbour’s regular business hours. If the parking stalls around our building are in use by other guests at Big Fun or by other businesses around Big Fun, please use alternate parking options in front on unoccupied buildings on the site or consider drop off options… and park off-site.

Big Fun takes pride in the fact that we offer a safe, secure, clean and affordable experience for families! Unlimited re-entry electronic lockers are provided for our guests and should be used. This keeps our main entrance safe, without the tripping hazards of hundreds of pairs of shoes scattered around. It also keeps our facility secure. By keeping all your valuables in unlimited re-entry lockers, your things are secure and yet still available to access throughout your time in the facility, without additional cost each time you need something. Lockers also keep our facility and main entrance clean. We’re pretty sure that cleanliness matters to everyone. It sure does to our families. Lockers typically hold footwear, jackets, bags and other valuables for about 3 guests. If more space is required than one locker provides, guests are welcome to request additional lockers, as needed and if available.

Safety and Security are the 2 most important values that Big Fun holds dear. Unfortunately, some of our guests have brought unsafe items into Big Fun by concealing them in bags, purses, diaper bags and jackets may be checked prior to entering Big Fun. There has also been situations were items have either been misplaced or stolen. In a facility the size of Big Fun, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on your items, at all times. Our facility was designed for families to enjoy together. A large majority of our guests find that once inside the facility, they are free to enjoy the attractions with their families instead of being concerned with monitoring their items. In addition, alcohol, weapons or other inappropriate items for an indoor recreational facility should be left at home or securely kept in your vehicle. Guests that ignore this policy and bring inappropriate items into Big Fun will politely be asked to leave the facility.

Reusable water bottles and baby bottles are encouraged and a water fountain with a bottle fill station is available on-site. Big Fun also offers an unusually large variety of food and drinks… options typically not available at most indoor recreational facilities. Due to Big Fun being a full restaurant that has options available for a wide range of dietary restrictions, guests are encouraged to come hungry and ready to enjoy the best food around! In the same way that you wouldn’t bring food into any other restaurant, Big Fun does not permit outside food or drink of any kind within the doors. Guests that chose to ignore this policy will politely be asked to leave the facility.

Big Fun has unique attractions that require uniquely designed socks and as such, socks from other facilities are not approved for use in Big Fun. Big Fun’s frog socks are available for only $3 dollars a pair and are able to be reused each time you return for another day of crazy fun! Only guests enjoying on the equipment are required to wear frog socks, but everyone must have socks on while in the facility. Outside footwear and bare feet are not sanitary and as such, are not permitted past the security gates.

Big Fun parties are the best fun around! We provide an all-inclusive party experience for everyone in the group and a ton of work and planning goes into making your party awesome! Our party planner guests have also thoughtfully planned, prepared and organized a special day for the birthday boy or girl. As such, all party activities are reserved only for party packages / room rentals. Guests are always welcome to come and enjoy our facility on their birthdays and are welcome to enjoy all our attractions and facility but party activities (cake, presents, etc.) are only permitted in party rooms, not elsewhere in Big Fun.
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We never have and never will discriminate against anyone, AS LONG AS THERE IS A CHOICE NOT TO. We’re also not willing to put our team in the position to demand private medical information from anyone. This is going to be hard, if not impossible, to survive through these additional restrictions and mandates. 

We will need you, now more than ever!

Are we making the right choice, in a impossible situation? No idea. But after 4 sleepless and emotionally exhausting nights, due to the government abdicating their duty, we are forced to make a decision.

We built Big Fun to give families a place to come together, let loose, forget their stress, and have fun together! We are confident that we can still follow the government’s restrictions, provide that, and hopefully make it through these latest restrictions of the “Open for Summer” plan. Following the government’s dictated guidance, we believe that we can still offer everyone a safe and healthy environment, while also providing for some much needed physical activity, community (at a distance), fun, and stress relief!

BUT, we need your help to follow the restrictions!

Masking is required, other than while sitting, drinking (your own reusable water bottles), or actively engaged in physical activity. Our understanding is that families can play together without their masks on, as long as they are physically distanced from everyone else, other than their cohort, and of course, everyone is welcome to wear their masks at all times, if they’re more comfortable doing so.

1/3 Capacity for Spectators must be enforced so we will have limited capabilities during our busy weekends. Please book your timeslots in advance, to make sure there is no wait and if there’s no capacity issue while you’re here, feel free to stay longer than the scheduled 2 hour timeslot! If we are busy, please limit your visit to a couple hours, so others can enjoy the facility as well. Our understanding is that guests under 12 are not limited to the 1/3 capacity restriction.

During your visit, when not enjoying a drink or food on the patio, you and your cohort, are still able to hang out at the indoor tables, and the kids can play. Physical Distancing of 2M must be observed between families/cohorts and other families/cohorts also enjoying the reduced capacity situation. The 2M distancing applies in all seating areas and throughout the facility. Obviously, give each other space on the attractions and only go 1 family (and their cohort) at a time, everywhere possible.

Sanitizer is available almost everywhere. Audio reminders to wash your hands are played on the sound system. The team is always sanitizing and cleaning, when not assisting in the fun.

We CANNOT PROVIDE DINING OR BEVERAGES INDOORS at the moment, but the PATIO OPENS TOMORROW!! Food and drinks CAN BE ENJOYED outdoors on the patio or even in your vehicle, while the kids are playing inside. When not eating, the physically distanced indoor tables in the seating area can be enjoyed. Bare with us as we finalize the birthday party details and related restrictions. This will be advised of soon.

We can also offer take-out and we really hope you take advantage of all the, “TO GO” GOODIES, like the 8 Flavours of Hard Ice Cream, over 12 Flavours of Cotton Candy, Mini-Donuts, Theatre Popcorn, Wings, Pizzas, Pub Foods, Wraps, Salads and Awesome Gourmet Poutines! All of which you are able to come and order inside, next time you’re in the area, even if you’re not playing.

Hopefully the weather holds strong and we can enjoy many more weeks of good weather and if we’re lucky, even return to normal, before the cold comes. If what the government says is true, this should be the case, since these are being billed as TEMPORARY MEASURES. We will continue this path as long as we are supported to do so, and not restricted with additional requirements.

Please LOVE ONE ANOTHER even if we disagree, BE KIND to each other and PLAY SAFE!”