NOW OPEN Daily 10am – 9pm! Please review our “Safe Re-Open Procedures” below and please complete a new “Release and Indemnity Agreement” (Waiver) for your family. Everyone 18 years and older must complete their own agreement and parents/guardians must add their child(ren) to their agreement, as needed. We look forward to sharing an awesome day with you!

Special Events

Field Trips

Regardless of the daycare, school system or age level, Big Fun provides a tailored field trip experience that is beyond expectations!

Clubs and Sports Teams

Looking for an unbeatable team building experience? Look no further! Big Fun will provide your teams and clubs with a physically challenging environment to release their beasts!


Tired of selling the same old, same old for fundraising efforts? Why not sell something that kids and parents both want?

Time Outs

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Sometimes, a few hours in a Time Out is all your family needs. Drop Off the kids and enjoy a few hours of grocery shopping, clothing shopping or just staring into space… Quietly.

Corporate Events

From small businesses to large corporations, Big Fun provides an incredibly entertaining experience to come together, let loose, forget your stress and have fun! You might even get to watch the boss enjoy some hilarious fails!

Adult Friendly

Big Fun knows that adults are all just big kids at heart. To accommodate this, Big Fun offers limited, adult friendly events to let you be a kid again!