Big Fun Inflatable Park is excited and honoured to offer a $500 scholarship to any student who can create a physical education fitness training program that’s suited to Alberta’s Educational System.

key elements

The program must combine and balance the five elements of good health:

To be accepted, the above five elements must be taught using at least five of the attractions within Big Fun Inflatable Park, and at least five staff members must be used in the routine’s implementation. Big Fun Inflatable Park is a great place for school children to exercise, enjoy, and learn in a healthy, safe, and stimulating environment, and we’d like our scholarship program to help a deserving student achieve his or her educational, health, and fitness goals.

the routine

Submitted fitness routines must be suited for 20-40 school-aged children, with all five attractions being used at the same time, and the full routine cannot exceed 90 minutes. Routines shall be composed of five to ten attractions; students will spend five to ten minutes at each station, with one to two minutes of travel time between attractions. Each activity shall have its health benefits and activated muscle groups highlighted, and it must include a fun aspect as well. The goal of a submitted routine is to give children’s groups the chance to enjoy a fun, yet engaging class that helps kids build a solid foundation for a lifelong love of fitness. The winning fitness routine will be taught by Big Fun Inflatable Park’s staff during events for Alberta, Canada’s school systems.

The Essay and Eligibility Requirements

To open our scholarship program to as many students as possible, we’ve made the application process and eligibility requirements quite simple. To become eligible for our $500 scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

Applicants must submit proof of the above elements to be deemed eligible. Also, each applicant must complete an essay on how they’d use the facility in a healthy, exercise-related way, and why it’s such an excellent place to take a field trip. Essays must be 1000+ words, and in Microsoft Word format only. Originality is expected, and creativity is highly valued. Submissions must be received on time, or they will be rejected. Please send all essays via email at

At Big Fun Inflatable Park, we place enormous importance on fun, physical fitness, safety, and education. To that end, we’re proud to offer our scholarship and our support to deserving students across Canada. We are pleased to be a part of the Alberta community, and we’re looking forward to receiving and reading every submission. Thank you for applying!