NOW OPEN Daily 10am – 9pm! Please review our “Safe Re-Open Procedures” below and please complete a new “Release and Indemnity Agreement” (Waiver) for your family. Everyone 18 years and older must complete their own agreement and parents/guardians must add their child(ren) to their agreement, as needed. We look forward to sharing an awesome day with you!



Where and when can I use my gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased online but can only be used in store. They cannot be used to make online purchases.

Do adults/parents have to pay?

Two (2) adult admissions are included with each paid child admission at Big Fun! This accounts for the parents/guardians of the child. The same ratio applies to groups. For example, if twenty (20) child admissions are being paid, then up to forty (40) adults will receive free admission. Adults are welcome and encouraged to enjoy while at Big Fun but remember that anyone on the equipment is required to wear the specially designed Big Fun Frog Socks. If adults are visiting without any children (which happens regularly), the adults will be charged the adult admission price, whether they are enjoying or not. Group leaders, supervisors, caregivers, etc., would all count as the included adult admissions, when a there is a paid child admission. Teen leaders will be charged teen admission prices, unless they are assisting the adult (18+ yrs) supervisors. Teens (13-17 yrs) are welcome and encouraged to enjoy at Big Fun BUT they cannot be considered a supervisor or guardian of anyone under 13 years old. An adult (18+ yrs) must be in attendance to supervise children under 13 years old. Big Fun reserves the right to limit/restrict this 2to1 allowance based on facility capacity limitations.

What should I wear?

Big Fun offers a high energy, active and fun environment and it is strongly recommended to come in long pants and long sleeved, comfortable, breathable clothing. It is also recommended that our guests wear clothing that is “appropriate” around children and families. Outdoor shoes and bare feet are not permitted. For hygienic reasons, all guests must be wearing socks while in the facility. Big Fun Frog Socks are required to be worn by ALL GUESTS ON THE ATTRACTIONS regardless of age, and are available for a nominal fee. The Frog Socks should last quite a few visits, so be sure to bring them every time!

What should I not bring?

Pinatas (of any kind)
Vinyl Balloons (Foil balloons are permitted but ONLY in room rentals or with birthday party packages)
Party Poppers
Face Paint
Party Horns or other excessive noise makers… other than the kids of course
Ice Cream Cakes (Regular cakes are permitted in room rentals or party packages but must be stored and consumed only in the private rooms.
Strollers (Baby Car Seats are allowed)
Sharp Items or Weapons (This includes knitting needles, knives, blades & daggers, religious or otherwise)
Alcohol of any kind
Animals and Pets. The ONLY exception to this is a service guide dog. Big Fun staff may ask for your government issued identification card to prove that it is a service dog. Cats, birds and other animals are not permitted at Big Fun.

How Long can I stay at Big Fun?

Big Fun offers a one price, ALL-DAY admission that includes all the attractions in the facility. Guests can technically stay from open to close but the average time spent at the facility is between 2.5 – 3 hours. Re-entry is not permitted.

What do I do with my belongings while at Big Fun?

Big Fun strongly recommends that our guests utilize one of 162 available electronic lockers to protect shoes, clothing/jackets, bags, valuables and other belongings. One (1) locker is provided, at no cost, per family transaction. The locker will be designated at the time of purchase with a unique locker code provided on the receipt and allows for unlimited re-entry of the lockers for the duration of the visit. Additional lockers may be available, if additional storage is required. If there are no lockers available to rent, there will be shoe racks in the welcome lobby and all guests must remove their shoes before passing the security gates. You may proceed to bring your items with you but remember that Big Fun is not responsible for any items left unattended that may be misplaced or stolen. If guests with purses, diaper bags or other bags choose to enter the facility with the bag, a bag check will be performed.
Remove “If Big Fun does not have any lockers to rent, what should I do with my belongings?”

Can I Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Big Fun?

Big Fun offers an amazing selection of food and drinks in the restaurant and has water fountains available to fill bottles. Like any restaurant, outside food or drinks are NOT permitted. Big Fun is responsible for the health and well-being of our customers while in the facility and every step has been taken to ensure that children with allergies can enjoy the Big Fun experience along with everyone else. Baby bottles and unopened baby food are permitted and special needs requirements are considered on a per case basis.

Can I bring a child into Big Fun from another family?

You can absolutely bring a child from another family with you BUT regardless of who’s child they are, they will need to be registered in our system and have a waiver completed for them. We strongly recommend that each family complete their own registration and waiver for their own family. This can be done either on our laptops onsite (at Big Fun) or in the comfort and convenience of your own home, via our website at or directly at In a worse case scenario, you can add children from other families to your account and include them under your waiver BUT please understand that you will be accepting the legal liability through your waiver relating to that child. If there is an incident, you will be liable for that child and the subsequent legal action, if any. We strongly recommend not accepting liability for children (or adults) other than your own.

Does Big Fun have free Wifi for guests?

You bet! We offer free Wifi for our guests and we also have multiple power outlet locations around the dining area and toddler zone, to charge your electronics. To access the Wifi, simply choose the #TELUS network when you’re here and a login page will pop up from Telus. Login in by providing your information to Telus and you are all set!


Is there a limit on how many people can be on an attraction at the same time?

Yes, safety is Big Fun’s #1 priority and staff will assist parents in limiting the number of guests using any given attraction, based on the posted limitations at each attraction.

How many attractions does Big Fun have?

At any given time, Big Fun has a minimum of 25 attractions at each of its locations across Canada.

Has Big Fun had any injuries at any of their locations?

All physically active endeavors and sports carry a degree of risk and may result in injuries. Big Fun is not immune to this and has experienced minor injuries, regardless of the effort taken to limit them. Safety is, of course, Big Fun’s primary concern and every effort is taken to mitigate injuries of all kinds, while guests are enjoying the wide range of attractions at the facility. Always remember to be safe and follow the posted rules.

How often does Big Fun get new attractions?

New attractions are constantly being reviewed for future enjoyment. Keep an eye on Big Fun’s social media channels for updates on new equipment and features!

Are there height or weight restrictions for guests on the attractions?

Yes, Big Fun offers a wide range of different kinds of attractions. Each attraction has it’s own limitations and restrictions and they must be adhered to for the safety of all our guests.

Does a parent/guardian need to be present while their children are on the attractions?

While there must be a parent/guardian at Big Fun for any child guest under 13 years of age, they do not need to be present on all the attractions with their child. However, depending on the child and their comfort level with any given attraction (some of the attractions can be quite scary and intimidating for very young guests), Big Fun recommends that parent(s)/guardian(s) be present and available to assist their children. Remember, up to 2 adults are permitted with each paid child admission AND are encouraged to enjoy on the equipment with their kids. To do so, every guest on any of the equipment must be wearing the specially designed Big Fun Frog Socks. Our teen guests (13-17yrs) do not require an adult supervisor to be present but the parent(s) or responsible supervisor(s) must be available by phone in the case of a situation or emergency. Regardless of whether any guest is on the equipment or not, they are required to complete a guest registration and waiver to be past the secure admission gates and all guests must follow the posted rules of each attraction.

Are the attractions safe?

Absolutely! Big Fun’s attractions are regulated, inspected annually and certified by AEDARSA (Alberta Elevating Devices Amusement Rides Safety Association). Every inflatable device in Alberta is under the authority of AEDARSA and must be certified to be operated. Big Fun has taken every step to operate above the minimum requirements but unfortunately, some companies do not. Do not risk your family’s safety on equipment that isn’t certified… ask for the AEDARSA Certificate of Operation! In addition to the regulatory requirements, Big Fun corporately implements a wide range of safety features and tools including, Watchdog™ Inflatable Blower Sirens on all of their applicable attractions. In the event that a blower has any issues or the power to them has been lost, which may result in the deflation of an attraction, an alarm will sound, alerting staff to the situation allowing them to assist with any concerns at that moment. Big Fun staff members also perform a multiple-times-daily inspection routine that ensure that the attractions are in ideal working condition, at all times. Although every effort is made to limit incidents and accidents, they are inevitable BUT Big Fun staff are all certified in a minimum of Emergency First Aid, so they are trained to deal with any minor incident that may occur. For more information on our safety processes and systems, please check out Read our latest blog here.


Does Big Fun have any special requirements for footwear?

Big Fun has unique attractions that require uniquely designed grip socks and as such, socks from other facilities are not approved for use in Big Fun. Big Fun’s frog socks are available for only $3 dollars a pair and are able to be reused each time you return for another day of crazy fun! Only guests on the equipment are required to wear frog socks, but everyone must have socks on while in the facility. Outside footwear and bare feet are not sanitary and are not permitted past the security gates. Medical reasons for not removing outside footwear will be considered by management and may be permitted on a per case basis and may involve a limited access provision.

Can I leave my children unattended?

Adult supervision is required at all times but Big Fun offers some flexibility with its posted supervision guidelines. If your child 13 years of age or older the parent/guardian is not required to be at Big Fun but should be available by phone in the event Big Fun staff need to contact you for any reason.

Does Big Fun allow me to bring in my stroller?

No. Unfortunately, strollers in the facility may cause a hazard by blocking guests that need to evacuate rapidly in the event of an emergency. Strollers also count toward the total capacity of the facility which may restrict a number of guests from enjoying Big Fun. Removable car seat carriers are permitted in the facility for Big Fun’s baby guests. Big Fun requires that strollers be left in guest’s vehicles. Guests with valid medical reasons for requiring a stroller will be considered on a case by case basis and will depend on the capacity situation as to whether or not a stroller may be permitted. If a stroller is permitted, the wheels must be cleaned prior to coming through the admission gates.

What safety features are included in the facility and what security measures are implemented?

Big Fun has taken every step to ensure the safety and security of all our visitors! To learn more about the safety and security features in Big Fun, please see

Birthday & Party Rooms

Should I schedule a Party Package or a Room Rental for my event?

Big Fun Party Packages are ideal for birthday parties with more than 8 children and at least a few adults. If you have less than 8 children and only a couple adults attending the party, it may make more sense to consider a private room rental option, instead of a party package. If there are more than 20 children attending the event, it sometimes makes more sense to consider a room rental option. A room rental option only includes the room rental and does not include all the other features of a birthday party package. Big Fun party coordinators will happily assist you in figuring out the most suitable option for your needs, based on the guest numbers and expectations of the event, once they are finalized.

What amenities are included with a room rental?

All rooms are equipped with a paper towel dispensers and picnic tables for the required amount of guests. If available, Big Fun will also include an inflatable throne if the room is being used to celebrate a birthday.

Does Big Fun offer any refunds on my deposit after I have booked the room?

Deposits are non-refundable. Big Fun will work with you to reschedule another time and/or another room or you will be provided with a gift card to be used in the facility at another time.

Does Big Fun take deposits for parties, room rentals or other events?

No. Big Fun DOES NOT take any deposits for party packages, room rentals or other events. We get it… life happens and if your event needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, simply follow the prompts on your booking confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your event. Cancelling will cause heartbreak… having to lose on a non-refundable deposit, in addition to that, is just cruel!

What is the process to pick up children from Big Fun after a party?

The safety and security of children in the facility take precedent over everything else at Big Fun and as such, Big Fun uses the most advanced facility security system in the market. The party host parent(s) will receive wristbands with a unique code that connects all the children in a party to the host. When a parent comes to pick up their child during or after a party, they will not be permitted access to the facility or party unless they are on the guest list. If they are on the guest list, they will have a wristband available from the admission desk or party check-in desk. If they are just picking up their child, the party host parent will have to come to the admission gates with the child and have their wristband checked against the child’s to ensure that the codes match and that they are permitted to be released to the adult picking up the child.

What amenities are included in the birthday party packages?

Yes, cakes are allowed. Ice Cream cakes are not due to limited freezer space and food handling safety standards. Big Fun also has a variety of treats and snacks that are available for parties.

Can I bring decorations and decorate the party rooms?

Yes. Big Fun Party Packages include balloon-themed plates, cups, napkins and cutlery for all included guests and also include a large inflatable throne (matches the room color) for the guest of honor. We DO NOT include a tablecloth (too many spills and messes from accidental tablecloth situations) or other types of decorations. If additional decorations are desired to enhance the room, you are welcome to decorate, as long as the decorations do not pose any kind of safety hazard or cause any damage to the room or facility, in any way. If you choose to use your own party supplies, you are welcome to but the party package pricing will not be reduced to account for the change. Vinyl balloons ARE NOT permitted. Foil balloons ARE permitted, but not recommended. Unfortunately, balloons are regularly and mistakenly released into the rafters and cannot be recovered. While the balloons are in the rafters, they can cause HVAC problems if they get sucked into the ventilation systems.

How many private rooms are available to rent and what size are they?

A minimum of 6 color themed rooms (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Purple) are available at each location. Each room is 11ft wide x 20ft long (220sqft) and can fit a maximum of 31 total guests (if the inflatable chair is removed). Multiple configurations (up to 3 picnic tables without inflatable thrones and up to 2 inflatable thrones with a maximum of 2 picnic tables) are available depending on your event needs. If more than 31 guests (adults and children) are expected to attend an event, additional room rentals may be required. Each room includes a giant inflatable throne (matching the room color) for the guest of honor and the room is set-up with a large picnic table that fits about 11 guests at a time. Additional picnic tables and or inflatable thrones (any available color) can be brought in, if available.

Can I bring in my own birthday cake or alternate options? What about loot bags?

Yes. You are welcome to bring a cake or alternative option BUT any food permitted in, must be stored and consumed ONLY in the private room space. If there is leftover cake, after the room rental is over, we require that you bring the cake out to your vehicle. Unfortunately, with so many guests suffering with allergies and/or food sensitivities, we cannot permit outside food or drink anywhere in the general public areas. There have been situations in the past where children have mistakenly consumed other peoples food (off the wrong table) and have had their visit cut short by having to receive medical treatment due to an allergic response. In the same way that you would not want your visit cut short due to something like this, we ask that our guests be considerate of other guests while in Big Fun. Loot bags and gift bags can be brought to the party, but also must ONLY be stored and consumed in the private room rental. It is encouraged that any gift or loot bags that are given out be done so at the end of the party, as children are leaving.

All-Access Season Pass

All-Access Season Pass - Terms and Conditions

All-Access Season Pass – Pricing

Babies (under 2 years old) = Up to 2 babies FREE with paid child admission or paid child summer pass

Toddler (2-4 years old) = $99.98+tax 

Kid (5-12 years old) = $139.98+tax 

Teen (13-17 years old) = $159.98+tax 

Adult (18+ years old) = Up to 2 adults FREE with paid child admission or paid child summer pass



  1. What’s the catch?

There really isn’t a catch! Big Fun Season Passes are exactly what a pass should be… All-Access everyday Big Fun is open, from 10am to 9pm during the season the pass is valid for.

A key feature of the pass is that re-entry is permitted on any given day. Visit as often as you’d like.

Big Fun does have a facility capacity limitation (due to fire/building codes) so if capacity has been reached, pass holders may have to be patient to gain admission on busy days.

  1. When is my season pass admission valid for?
    Summer Pass = June 21st to September 21st 2019
    Fall Pass = September 21st to December 20th 2019
    Winter Pass = December 20th to March 20th 2020
  1. Can I purchase a pass anytime?
    No, passes are available for a limited time only.
  2. Does Big Fun offer passes for all season of the year?
    Not necessarily, passes are released on a limited time and limited quantity basis. While a fall pass may be available one year, it might not be the next year. Also, it may not be available all seasons of the year.
  3. Where and when can Passes be purchased?

Online at exclusively when passes are being sold.

In-store at the Big Fun Inflatable Park (10, 261024 Dwight McLellan Trail, Rocky View County, AB T4B2G8) exclusively when passes are being sold.


  1. Can the passes be used on weekends, weekdays, evenings and holidays?
    Yes, Subject to facility capacity limitations.

7. Do I get any other perks by purchasing a Pass?

Summer Pass purchasers also receive…


10% Off Birthday Party Packages

10% Off General Admissions

10% Off Room Rentals

10% Off All Food and Beverage Purchases

10% Off Frog Socks


8. Is a physical pass / card provided by Big Fun and do I need to show the card or ID?

The passes are stored digitally on a customer’s account. Once a customer purchases a pass, it will be stored on the purchaser’s account and will be verified each time it is used by a Big Fun Team Member.

ID or other personal information (contained on your account) may be requested to verify that the family members utilizing the pass are the actual purchaser.

Passes cannot be shared with other guests, not included on the purchaser’s account/waiver.


9. What if my child’s birthday occurs after I purchase a pass, causing a different price/pass to be applicable?
Big Fun reserves the right, at management’s discretion to charge a pro-rated amount to change the pass from a toddler pass to a kid pass. As an example, if a child were to have their birthday and turn 5 midway through the summer, Big Fun may, at management’s discretion charge a $10 pro-rated amount to convert the pass from a toddler pass to a kid pass.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Cannot be combined with any other discount, special or limited time offer.
  2. No Refunds or Returns.
  3. Pass use is subject to facility capacity limitations and users may have to wait to access the facility if capacity has been reached on any given day.
  4. Passes must be used on the appropriate age (Toddler, Kid or Teen) as compared to the child’s actual age. For example, a toddler cannot use a teen pass and teen cannot use a toddler pass.
  5. One Pass per Child per V For example, if a family with 4 children between the ages of 5-12 years old, chooses to purchase 2 Kid Passes, only 2 of the 4 children would be permitted to use the facility at the same time. The other children would have to enjoy after the original couple children have exited the facility.
  6. Multiple children on a purchaser’s account/waiver may use a pass on any given day but not at the same time. An example of this would be a friend using another child’s pass. It is possible, as long as the friend is included on the purchasers account and the purchaser has accepted the terms of the legal liability waiver for that child.
  7. Limited Quantity of Passes Available and Big Fun reserves the right to adjust the number of passes made available for sale, at its discretion.
  8. Pass is Non-Transferable to another user or family.
  9. Subject to facility capacity limitations
  10. All facility rules and regulations still apply and must be followed regardless of owning a pass.
  11. Outside food and beverages are not permitted.
  12. If a facility rental is occurring, summer pass holders will not be permitted into the facility during the facility rental but are welcome to return after the private facility rental has concluded.